unearth tastes

A welcome & welcoming difference.

Perch Cantina is an elevated food, dining and drink experience in Tri-Cities, WA.

assume unconventional

Find something special.

There’s nothing more alluring, perhaps, then the idea of an impending discovery. Especially if such discovery promises a new, rewarding experience. This notion lies at the core of Perch Cantina – a modern, unexpectedly atypical establishment created to consistently present a sense of surprise, and awe.


discover new space

Off you go.

Adventure is borne out of a desire for excitement merging with a mindset that’s open to different endeavors. And a foray into the world of Perch Cantina drops you into a setting designed to give you a different perspective.


Perch Cantina - Embrace the goat

abrazar a la cabra

Embrace the goat.

As legend would have it, when a when a goat appears as a symbol it’s a reminder you need to have more fun, to embrace the moments of joy, and to revel in the small party moments in your life.

Happy Hour

Coming soon!

Taco Tuesday

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